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Monday, April 3, 10:05 PM

1144: Where's the nearest women's shelter in 11?

Dispatcher: Anybody know where the nearest--Chicago and Trumbull, they're saying.

1144: Thank you.

Dispatcher: And--you work here, why don't you know?

1144: 'Cause I don't deal with this nonsense.

Unidentified caller: What do you deal with, then?

1055: Notify Streets and San that there's a dead cat, 23-- S. Blue Island, on the street.

Unidentified caller number TWo: Meowwwwww.

1055: 55. You got a callback? There's a lady standing behind the door, refuses to open. She sounds like she's highly intoxicated.

Dispatcher: Don't want to open? I guess we can move on. Unless you want us to call 'em back.

1055: Call back.

Dispatcher: All right. Hey, 1055, she says she ain't callin' for the police.

1055: Sounds like it.

Wednesday, April 5, 12:10 AM

Dispatcher: Says a suspicious person, it

may be a Cook County sheriff, at 23-- Touhy out in front. Male white, five-eleven, stocky build, with short, razor-cut hair, plaid brown coat with brown pants, black shoes, sittin' in a black Chevy, plate of ----. And it says he may be a Cook County sheriff. So there may be a little bit more to this than what this citizen is tellin' us.

Thursday, April 6, 12:20 AM

Dispatcher: Person calling for help, 38--Madison, inside the restaurant. States there's a male black wearing a blue jacket threatening to hurt the complainant if he don't give him back the money and food he bought. Nothin' further.

1121: If you got a callback, tell him to give up the food and no one'll get hurt.

Dispatcher: Wish I could.

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