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Monday, September 18, 9:55 PM

Dispatcher: 947?

1947: Clear from the arrest. Can we have lunch at 2446 Lincoln, along with 1956?

Dispatcher: OK, ten-four on your lunch. 1944?

1944: Yeah, squad, we're requesting lunch, 4337 N. Lincoln.

Dispatcher: OK.

2323: 2323?

Dispatcher: Double?

2323: Yeah, Sharon, can you clear us from the transport? And we'd like lunch, make it about 3100 on Clark.

Dispatcher: 3100 Clark, OK, that's a ten-four. 2353.

2353: Lunch, please? 850 W. Irving?

Dispatcher: 850, OK. 2331?

2331: How about a bite at 3534 Clark?

Dispatcher: 3534, OK. 1943?

1943: We're clear from that arrest. Can you tell us what time we went down on this job?

Dispatcher: At 2403 Lincoln? Sir, you called that job in at 2037 hours. 2037 hours.

1943: Ten-four. And we'd kind of like to get some lunch.

Dispatcher: Yeah, and I'd kind of like to give you some. Now, where are you gonna go?

1943: We're gonna go to 955 on Wellington.

Dispatcher: 955 Wellington, all right, fine. 946?

1946: Can we get dinner?

Dispatcher: 46? Repeat, please?

1946: Some lunch.

Dispatcher: All righty.

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