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Political Advertisement 2000

A collection of commercials from U.S. presidential campaigns, dating from the 1950s through 2000. Among the more notorious spots are LBJ's anti-Goldwater “Daisy ad” from 1964, in which a little girl in a field of flowers is followed by a nuclear blast; a lesser-known Johnson ad unfairly ties Goldwater to the Klan. Treacly little girls are an ongoing theme, particularly after Reagan's 1984 all-image “Morning in America,” and the film presents a number of rarely seen sleaze spots: using a fleshy gay parade as a backdrop, Patrick Buchanan accuses George Bush of having supported art that “glorified homosexuality.” Editors Antonio Muntadas and Marshall Reese had the good sense to present the spots chronologically and without commentary, though one inescapable conclusion emerges: if you want to understand the issues, read a newspaper. 66 min.

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