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When: Wed., Feb. 10, 9 p.m. 2010

If I walked into a Polysics show and saw that half the crowd were ASIMO robots pogoing and banging their heads, I doubt I'd even blink. This Japanese four-piece plays exactly the kind of music our future android overlords will make as soon as they learn about Devo, the Queers, and hooks—punky, giddy, synth-fortified sci-fi power pop. Video-game noises sparkle and squiggle through frantic riffs, and the boy-girl vocals jump all over the map: unhinged yelping, vocodered growls, woo-hoo choruses, even some perky singing in the relentlessly ingratiating style of anime theme songs. (Unsurprisingly the band has written the theme song to an actual cartoon, a short-lived American series called Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!) Their latest album, this fall's Absolute Polysics (MySpace Music/Interscope), is a mite darker and angstier than usual, but then again, it's been that kind of year. Onstage Polysics engage in the sort of good-natured hyperactivity you'd expect given their sound—except for keyboardist Kayo, who makes everybody else's spaz attacks funnier by maintaining the stoic demeanor of a Buckingham Palace guard. Unfortunately, this is her farewell tour; when Kayo announced her impending "graduation" from the band last month, she explained that because she joined in 1998 as a high school pup, she still hasn't learned what it's like to live as "a regular girl doing regular things." I can't imagine choosing the real world over Polysics, but I guess the grass is always greener. —Ann Sterzinger

Price: $15, $13 in advance

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