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POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Funny, informative, and at times outrageously cheeky, this documentary by Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) examines the questionable marketing tactic of movie product placement, whereby companies pay filmmakers to show their merchandise onscreen. Spurlock's strategy is openly, amusingly hucksterish: having financed his movie with product placement, he then devotes much of the screen time to the negotiations that got him his sponsors, or didn't. (Hence the title, for which the pomegranate juice company POM Wonderful supplied two-fifths of the $1.5 million budget.) The interviewees include many corporate insiders as well as Brett Ratner, Quentin Tarantino, Ralph Nader, and Noam Chomsky, though none of them gets as much exposure as the products.



  • Morgan Spurlock


  • Keith Calder
  • Jeremy Chilnick
  • Morgan Spurlock
  • Abbie Hurewitz

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