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Ponytail are so distinctive that any attempt to describe what they sound like winds up coming off like a half insult. For instance, you might want to say that singer Molly Siegel sounds like both a cat and a dog, or that Ken Seeno and Dustin Wong's guitar parts are like a hybrid of riffs from Yes's Fragile and Led Zeppelin II with extreme finger-tapping tossed in--except, you know, more punk. Ponytail are something special, a virtuosic, art-damaged, (and OK, one more) Deerhoof-ish four-piece, capable of biting the Simpsons theme and turning it into a squeaky, tempestuous supersolo. Their debut, Kamehameha (Creative Capitalism), was one of the best surprises of 2006 (not to mention one of the best packaged releases of the year), and further evidence--along with releases from fun, doin'-it-their-own-way bands like Lexie Mountain, Lo Moda, and Sand Cats--that Baltimore is weirdo central. The Great Sea Serpents headline and Tim Kinsella & Amy Cargill open. a 8 PM, Ronny's, 2101 N. California, 773-235-6591, $6.

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