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Posthumous Memories

102 minutes 2000

Adapted from Machado de Assis's classic Brazilian novel, this humorous romp begins in 1869 with the recently deceased Bras Cubas declaring that death has delivered him from any notions of subjective self-delusion and allowed him to recall his pleasant if inconsequential life with absolute candor. This conceit allows him to undermine the story whenever it begins to get too serious; in one hilarious scene the narrator stands in the foreground feigning embarrassment while his younger self rollicks in bed with his paramour. Born into a wealthy family on the eve of Brazil's independence from Portugal, he squanders every opportunity afforded him by birth, but his new hindsight permits him to shrug it all off. Director Andre Klotzel keeps up an appropriately brisk pace, and this 2000 feature never falters en route to its insouciant conclusion. In Portuguese with subtitles.

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