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President Bill Terminated: See Section 4


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To the editors:

Why do you waste space on President Bill? It's not funny, & it's not interesting. It's just cranky.

Not to be totally negative, I really like some of your other strips, including: Heather McAdams, Bad Habits, P.S. Mueller, The Adventures of a Huge Mouth, & Zippy.

Jim McKenny
Champaign, IL

William L. Brown replies:

After careful consideration of Mr. McKenny's insightful and brilliant critique, I have decided that he is absolutely right. I will waste space no longer. I quit! I resign! I will immediately cease President Bill. Good-bye Mr. Cranky--hello Mr. Sunshine! From this day forward I will draw only marketable cartoons. Thank you for pointing out my error.

Have a nice day!

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