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Pretty in Pink 30th Anniversary

Rated NR 130 minutes 2016

By 1986 John Hughes had become an industry, farming out his formulaic projects to hired hacks (in this case Howard Deutch). This is like every other Hughes film, just a little shoddier. It's set in an imaginary Chicago suburb populated by wealthy CEOs and unemployed steelworkers. The plot concerns a girl from the wrong side of the freeway (Molly Ringwald) who harbors a crush on "richie" Andrew McCarthy. He invites her to the prom, but will his snooty friends accept her? The class issues are posed with a fervency that makes you expect an "additional dialogue" credit for Karl Marx, but naturally Hughes and Deutch glide right over them as they close in for their fairy-tale ending. With Jon Cryer, Harry Dean Stanton, and Annie Potts.

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