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Prhyme, Your Old Droog 18+ Sold Out (Music) Soundboard Recommended Image

When: Fri., Feb. 27, 9 p.m. 2015

One of last year’s best hip-hop stories centered on a Coney Island rapper named Your Old Droog. The MC was unknown till last summer, when some hip-hop heads turned his debut, 2014’s Your Old Droog EP, into a Soundcloud minihit thanks to a tantalizing conspiracy theory: Your Old Droog is really Nas in disguise. Plenty of Web oxygen was devoted to dissecting every reference on Droog’s EP in attempts to support and/or refute the claim, but the New Yorker finally torpedoed the theory with an August profile of Droog. In retrospect, it seems pretty obvious that he isn’t Nas—not only is his voice huskier, he’s also, well, white. Still, Droog’s songs demand a deep listen on their own merits. His recent self-released EP Kinison starts with a sample of deceased comedian Sam Kinison ripping on rappers for not playing instruments, and from there it’s jammed with sly wordplay about older rock acts—a couple songs later Droog ad-libs “What ever happened to all the good rock music?” There’s even an entire (pretty OK) song about Rage Against the Machine. Some asides and references on Kinison feel like Droog’s finishing an argument that ended decades ago, but they only help to further the MC’s old-school mystique. —Leor Galil

Price: sold out

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