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Private Property

Isabelle Huppert gets a respite from her usual ice queen roles with this shattering psychological drama (2006) about the danger of children staying too long in the nest. She plays the well-meaning mother of fraternal twins who still live with her on the family's Belgian farm, which the sons expect to inherit. Their father has moved out and remarried long ago, and the more selfish, aggressive brother (Jeremie Renier of L'Enfant) continually pushes his boundaries as he grows more resentful of his mother. When she brings home a new lover, the conflict with her son escalates, touching on money, class, and unresolved oedipal issues. By confining most of the action to the house, director Joachim Lafosse heightens the story's tenseness and claustrophobia. With Yannick Renier. In French with subtitles. 95 min.


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