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Professional Amateurs


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Enough Stupid's hour of sketches feels longer. The title refers to the offbeat characters--puny, Arnold-idolizing bodybuilders, a ninth-grader singing about her period a la Andrew Lloyd Webber--but also applies to the comedians, who sometimes stumble over lines, miss blocking marks, and overprepare jokes with paltry payoffs. Glacial fade-ins don't help the slow pace. Still, a scene about people trying to board Noah's ark is sharply written, Joe Goratowski is a keen straight man throughout, and a few moments are charmingly inexplicable--a new character suddenly runs across the stage during one scene's climax, intercepting a prop along the way. But there's no consistency, and the occasional gems under the rubble are unpolished. Through 6/9: Fri 11 PM, Trap Door Theatre, 1655 W. Cortland, 773-384-0494, $10.

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