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Public Before Private


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A huge thank-you to Ben Joravsky for continuing to focus a beam on the negative impacts of tax increment financing districts on school funding and real estate property taxes [The Works, April 13; also]. The blatant plundering of our schools and taxpayers by local governments that view schools as a funding source for their pet development projects and million-dollar subsidies to wealthy private developers needs to be exposed, and it needs to end. Mr. Joravsky is succeeding in taking this intentionally obscure process and exposing it for what it is--a slush fund. Once citizens become sufficiently informed and outraged over this abuse and its undermining of the public school system, they will throw out the bums and elect officials who take their responsibility seriously by putting the public interest before special interests. Thank you on behalf of Oak Park citizens who want our schools to get out of the banking business and back to their serious mission of educating our children.

Continue the excellent work!

Kathryn Jonas

Oak Park

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