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To the editors:

RE: Jonathan Rosenbaum . . . fire his ass. I'm tired! of his shitty attitude, and worthless-diatribes on film. I'm sure (?!) you can find: a MUCH better (movie reviewer.)

RE: J.R.'s review of, The Age of Innocence [September 17] . . . this guy's obsession with punctuation/is amazing. Anyone who is that put-out, by an apostrophe; (super-fluous? or not) is taking himself, film and the English language much too ['!] seriously. (The fact that . . . he would have his readers [BOTH of them . . . ] think he knows more about: film-making than SCORSESE, suggests he has/also become delusional. Delusions/obsessions . . . this man needs help--maybe you should find him a therapist, then fire him.)

J.R. is so pre-occupied! with enlightening . . . the unwashed masses!--his reviews seem, less like reviews; and more like--treatises on how much he knows (!) about everything. J.R. is so analytical, he often reads [strangealienbizarreoutinleft-fieldcrazy] meaning into films: that are ludicrous. He's trying much too (!) hard. Give him a break: maybe he needs . . . a rest, cure. 10 or 20 years should do (- :,!).

Michael Hartt


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