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A 20-year-old high school dropout with a shameful past lies her way into an administrative job at one of the top symphonies in Sweden and ends up in a tumultuous affair with the conductor that threatens to ruin them both. This 2009 debut feature by writer-director Lisa Langseth is impressive for the way its daring shifts in tone—from social realism to Bergmanesque psychodrama to Chabrolian suspense—never upset the fluid storytelling. Alicia Vikander is remarkable as the young woman, conveying her gullibility and self-involvement but also the romantic longing she can't quite articulate. The original Swedish title translates as "for it is beautiful." In Swedish with subtitles.



  • Lisa Langseth


  • Alicia Vikander
  • Samuel Fröler
  • Josephine Bauer
  • Martin Wallström
  • Frederik Nilsson
  • Elisabeth Göransson


  • Helen Ahlsson
  • Michael Hjorth

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