Queering Culture: Films and Videos by Jörg Fockele

The best of these shorts is Fockele's 1995 Alice and the Aurifactor, the tale of an evil sorcerer rendered in an elegant, exaggerated silent-movie manner. It's a triumph of style that also foregrounds the emotional manipulativeness of the silents. Several of the documentaries are worth seeing, particularly Profile Alison Bechdel, Lesbian Cartoonist (2000), a visit with a remarkable comics artist whose long-running characters limn various lesbian types but should appeal to all orientations; though Bechdel wants more readers, she turned down a syndication offer that would have required her to change her work. The longest piece, Spokes (1996, 19 min.), an attempt at drama in which a bicyclist picks up a European in Central Park, suffers from an embarrassing script and wooden acting. Fockele will attend. 60 min.

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