Quenchers Saloon | Logan Square | Corner Tap, Craft Beer, Music venue | Bar

Quenchers Saloon Recommended

Hours: Monday-Friday noon-2 AM, Saturday 11-3 AM, Sunday 11-2 AM

Price: $

Bar Details

This cozy cash-only dive rests well east of the Comfort Station, a Logan art space in a historic building that was once used by traingoers as a place to seek some brief shelter. Yet I can't help but think of Quenchers as a modern equivalent—just one with 24 beer taps and 300 different brews to drink. The saloon sits at the intersection of two major streets that connect the near west side to the rest of Chicago (or as far as the Fullerton and Western buses go). And it's a swell place to stop in to get away from the cold while waiting for the 74, or to meet up with pals from far-flung neighborhoods. Logan Arcade, just across Western, could be a boon for Quenchers—groups uninterested in video games can hop over to this spot to kick it unbothered by blinking pinball lights. The bar hosts concerts on the regular, and it can get some heavy foot traffic, but it’s easy to enjoy mouthfuls of popcorn, sip on a brown ale, and feel like you’re in your own little world even when there’s a rowdy din bursting out of the show room. There's also pizza and a host of sandwiches. —Leor Galil