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Quiet as a Mouse

Actor-turned-director Marcus Mittermeier's zero-budget, anal-retentive parable revolves around Mux, a mild-mannered vigilante whose goal is to ensure that his fellow humans behave in a responsible manner. This gun-toting, civic-minded crusader administers punishments to fit the crimes, initially working solo but soon seconded by a foodaholic deadbeat whose camcorder catalogs Mux's deeds for posterity. As Mux's fame grows, so does his organization?and the severity of his retributions. The regimentation of repression always seems peculiarly sinister when it's quiet and German; here the concept remains stronger than the execution, particularly since the grainy digital-video images tend to blur the aesthetic distinction between Mux's chronicler's amateur camerawork and Mittermeier's film. In German with subtitles. 92 min. Also on the program: Lancelot von Naso's The Surprise (11 min.).


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