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Quietest Games in History


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Dear sirs:

Some comments on your article in the Reader of February 25 ["The Cubbalist"].

I'm certain that you are definitely wrong on one of your comments about the Cubs. I saw games four and five of the 1945 World Series, sitting in the left-field bleachers right behind Hank Greenberg. He wasn't heckled, and nothing was thrown at him. I know this for a fact, and you're all wet on this matter.

The 1932 Babe Ruth piece is in doubt. Cub players mainly heckled Ruth, not the fans. The part-black rumor went around in the 1920s, and the New York Giants taunted him in the World Series between them.

John E. Wolverton

N. Maplewood

Jeffrey Felshman replies:

If fans didn't heckle or throw stuff at Greenberg during the four World Series games in Wrigley--they played games four through seven there in '45--they'd be among the most polite fans in baseball history.

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