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Radar Eyes, Crocodiles, Heavy Times Free Early Warnings (Music) Soundboard

When: Mon., Sept. 20, 9 p.m. 2010

A band called Heavy Times needs to have song titles like "Ice Age" (if that ain't a heavy time . . . ) and "Drug Lake," and its music, if not heavy in the metal sense, should at least seem like a soundtrack to Robo-tripping on the beach and falling down around the bonfire. This Chicago outfit scores on both counts. Heavy Times have been recording since the mid-aughts (originally as Slums), but only recently have they started gigging steadily, in the process helping prove that the list of exciting rock bands in Chicago doesn't end with the same three or four who seem to get on all the good shows. So far they've released an LP and a cassette, which got HoZac's attention—the label will be releasing a Heavy Times seven-inch this fall. "Ice Age" is a fine example of the hooky lo-fi pop stomp that's increasingly becoming HoZac's stock in trade, and "Drug Lake" is a ray of sludge-rock hope for anyone wishing all these reverb-heavy neo-lo-fi bands would evolve their rhythms beyond the usual "Mongo no like syncopation" quarter-note cave pound. Radar Eyes headline; Crocodiles and Heavy Times open.

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