Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse: Tygers of Pan Tang, Medieval Steel, Leather Leone, Satan's Host, Winterhawk, and others 17+ Recommended Soundboard Image

When: Sat., May 7, 4:30 p.m. 2016

Lineup changes can be a plague that makes it difficult for a band to progress and find an identity, and arguably no one’s been tripped up by them more than classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal band Tygers of Pan Tang. Named in honor of the critters in Michael Moorcock’s classic sword-and-sorcery Elric series, the Tygers prowled the metal scene with respectable ferocity in their youth, split up in 1983, re-formed in 1985 with only one original member in the lineup, dropped a very stinky turd in their litterbox with 1987’s Burning in the Shade, and broke up again in light of poor sales and deservedly scathing reviews. So you wouldn’t think them likely candidates for successful reanimation. But metal necromancy is powerful mojo. In their post-2000 re-formation, original guitarist Robb Weir has built a fast and lean version of the band with young players—particularly Italian vocalist Jacopo Meille—and kept them steadily gigging and releasing occasional well-received albums: 2012’s Ambush sounds fierce and fresh and hungry. (They still need to stay away from the power ballads though.)

Monica Kendrick

Price: $40, $80 two-day pass

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