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Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Santa shows his dark side in this wildly idiosyncratic horror flick from Finnish writer-director Jalmari Helander. A hunter in a remote valley is devastated by the loss of his annual reindeer haul; he blames wolves, whipped into a frenzy by explosions at an archaeological site, but in fact the excavators have unearthed a really bad Santa, long buried under tons of ice and rock, who's called forth an army of naked, bloodthirsty elves. The hunter and his buddies scramble to cash in by bagging and ransoming Mr. Claus, while his young son plots to free the local kids abducted by the marauding elves. Based on two of his previous shorts, this lurid vision is good for a few laughs—some intended, some not. In English and subtitled Finnish.



  • Jalmari Helander


  • Onni Tommila
  • Jorma Tommila
  • Ilmari Jarvenpaa
  • Peeter Jakobi

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