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Overheard heading east on Belmont, 11 PM. Two women, one man. One woman speaks, the other only giggles.

Woman: Well, I don't think he did it, I can't believe it. Because I just, like, love him.

Man: Well, I don't see how he could have not done it. Twenty-two stab wounds on the guy. Had to be him. I heard he made a confession, and the cops tore it up.

Woman: No.

Man: Yeah, the police beat O.J. to a pulp and then squeezed it out of him.

Woman: Well, you can just knock it off with the stupid jokes. I cannot believe you said that. I mean, like, the guy has suffered enough mental anguish.

Man: So I guess why even try the guy, he's already paid his debt to society in the form of mental anguish...

Woman: Yeah, I mean, he was, like, a great guy.

Man: A great guy whose wife made eight 911 calls because he just kept attacking her.

Woman: So what, she was stupid. She, like, never pressed charges, she just kept going back for more.

Man: There's a name for it, battered wife syndrome. That's why she kept going back.

Woman: She was a bitch. You know what? She never loved him, she was just a user. She was like a waitress when she met him. God, I just can't believe it, what a whore.

Man: So let's slit her throat.

Woman: She deserved it.

Man: Turn right here, girls.

Woman: OK, but I'm not going into another scummy bar.

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