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I was in the 31 Flavors at Western and Lunt when the man in front of me asked for sugar-free ice cream.

"Sorry," the teenage employee said. "The best we can offer is reduced-sugar ice cream. Everything in nature has some sugar in it, so we're not allowed to call it sugar-free."

"Well, I can't eat anything with sugar in it. What does it mean, reduced?"

"We don't add any sugar to the ice cream, but the ice cream has natural sugar in it. Like I said, everything in nature has some natural sugar."

"Says who?" the man replied, and then he started yelling. "Everything does not have sugar! I should know! How dare you say that lie! I'm a diabetic! I should know! Everything does not have sugar in it! How dare you lie to me! Is your ice cream sugar-free or not?"

The employee did the only thing he could do--he called for the manager.

"What's the problem?" the manager asked.

"Nothing," answered the man. "Give me a scoop of that reduced-sugar ice cream right there and make sure you put it in a sugar cone."

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