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An impetuous five-year-old was standing on the bus seat next to his mother, pelting her with questions. "Why does the bus jerk?...Can that pigeon ride this bus?...Why does rice taste like rice?" He began to wear her patience down, and she stared out the window, ignoring him. After several unanswered queries, he realized she was no longer responding and in exasperation said, "I don't know why I ask you anything. You don't even know where Batman lives."

--Joanne Mitchell

Further evidence of the impact of Court TV was heard in a conversation between a father and his three-year-old son.

"Can we go to Chuck E. Cheese?"


"Can we go to Chuck E. Cheese?"


"Can we go to Chuck E. Cheese?"

"Rephrase the question, and I'll consider it."

"Can we go to Chuck E. Cheese, please, dad?"



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