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Reinforcing Stereotypes


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To the editors:

Michael Miner exhibits his own right-wing version of political correctness when he attacks Chicago Tribune cartoonist Richard Locher for drawing a white thug in a recent editorial cartoon instead of a black [Hot Type, September 16]. If Miner could look beyond this outrage to the white race, he might ask why Locher felt the need to portray presumably innocent participants in midnight basketball programs as criminals. Furthermore, he might have noted that conservative critics of Clinton's crime bill jumped on the relatively minor issue of midnight basketball since it can be used to reinforce antiblack stereotypes and the myth that we are coddling criminals when in fact we are incarcerating people at record rates. But then, Miner appears to be interested in reinforcing those stereotypes himself.

Norman Nithman
W. Winnemac

Michael Miner replies:

Actually, Nithman's interpretation of Locher's cartoon is the same as mine, but he expressed himself a lot better.

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