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U.S. journalists who think they've got it tough should consider the situation in Mexico: according to this documentary by Bernardo Ruiz, 40 investigative reporters have been killed or gone missing there since President Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug cartels in December 2006. Ruiz focuses on Zeta, an employee-owned newsweekly in Tijuana whose reporting on government corruption and organized crime has been accompanied by a succession of assassination plots against its employees (in 1988, columnist Hector Felix Miranda was shot to death by security guards linked to a local gambling kingpin; in 1997, publisher Jesus Blancornelas was ambushed by a phalanx of gunmen but miraculously survived; and in 2004, editor Francisco Ortiz Franco was snuffed in a drive-by shooting). If that isn't discouraging enough, one citizen interviewed for the documentary explains, "Most people don’t read [Zeta], because it's too wordy." In Spanish with subtitles.


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