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Requiem for a Radio Station


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A comment on your welcome WBEZ piece [September 15]. I was a regular 'BEZ subscriber, increasing my yearly checks toward a painful point, up to 1992, when Ken Davis was eased out as program director. I haven't chosen to give since, and I'm sure that many others have followed this pattern. With Ken around, everyone had too much freedom and fun; he must have been doing something wrong. Gone is the vitality, pervasive intelligence, playfulness, experimentation (some winners/some losers), variety, and general enthusiasm in the programs. And, most of all, that fun--even in the funding drives, with competition between universities, between suburbs, no two pitches ever alike. I showed up late once at a meeting, having sat for ten minutes in a parking lot, unable to turn off Aaron Freeman's incredible, spontaneous harangue that had brought regular programming to a halt. It was too good to be interrupted by our trips to meetings or to the phone; thus I suspect that it brought in roughly $0.00, but it added much to that bizarre happy vitality of what was then a magnificent radio station.

Randy Hudson


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