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Vladimir Gyorski's riveting feature uses the principles of the Dogma 95 manifesto—natural lighting, improvised acting, and digicam cinematography—to create a verite-style drama about a small-time marijuana dealer victimized by California's infamous “three-strikes” law. Zeke, a genial vagabond of Gypsy ancestry, lives on the fringe of a Santa Barbara beach community of privileged dope-smoking college students, and when he's busted for selling grass and defending himself against drunken frat boys, he finds himself enmeshed in a legal nightmare. As Gyorski points out, his story is typical of the 3,000-plus nonviolent offenders serving 25 years to life in California. The flashbacks to Zeke's father being wronged by the justice system are extraneous, yet the protagonist's dilemmas, both legal and moral, are utterly compelling. 80 min.


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