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To the editors,

I've lived near My Place For? since it was opened, and used to dine there regularly [Neighborhood News, March 6]. If the restaurant is going to survive, whatever the name, the owners had better understand that the business did not simply decline "for reasons beyond the Dorizases' control." There were also declines in the service and quality, which drove many of us away.

I can remember, for example, twice waiting almost an hour in a smoky bar after making a reservation, and worse, seeing people who were better known to the owners seated first even though they arrived later.

The once-generous complimentary appetizers, which helped ease the often slow service, dwindled down to bread and butter, and sometimes the one was stale and the other melted.

Food was regularly not cooked or served as requested, wrong orders were delivered to the tables, and, in later years, the seafood on occasion had seen better days.

Finally, for us at least, complaints about any of this were frequently either ignored or shrugged off.

Ed Cohen

W. Chase

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