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The Andes form the rugged backdrop for this stark coming-of-age tale about a sensitive Peruvian teen (Junior Bejar) who, with his artisan father (Amiel Cayo), constructs vibrant altarpieces and commemorative story boxes, folk art that sells well at the town market. One day they hitch a ride from their farm, and the son sees his father pleasuring the male driver. In their hardscrabble rural area of Ayacucho, which was plagued by terrorism decades ago, the macho locals practice vigilante justice; fearful, the boy keeps what he observed a secret, one that festers and threatens to tear his family apart. Making his feature directorial debut, Alvaro Delgado Aparicio examines societal notions of masculinity, and how an artistic temperament can be both a vulnerability and a lifeline in a harsh world. In Quechua and Spanish with subtitles.


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