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Rev 25: Texas Is the Reason, Into Another, Sense Field, Popeye 17+ Agenda Recommended Soundboard

When: Sun., Jan. 6, 8 p.m. 2013

TEXAS IS THE REASON While Sunny Day Real Estate’s Diary and LP2 were the records that most emocore bands in the mid-90s—the period before the style mutated into “emo,” which is a whole other thing—tried to emulate, Texas Is the Reason’s sole full-length album, 1996’s Do You Know Who You Are?, most perfectly captures what those groups actually did. When I revisit the record now, it sounds like a remarkably complete compendium of the form’s defining characteristics: the earnest, nasal singing that occasionally shifts into screaming, the chugging double-time palm-muted guitars that uncoil into melodic octave-chord riffing, the pinging snare drum, and the ever so slightly overcompressed production courtesy of Jawbox’s J. Robbins. As the avatars of a style that was threatening to bubble over into the mainstream, the group attracted a lot of major-label attention but disbanded before they could sign a deal, much to the relief of those who stuck to the scene’s more hardline anticorporate sentiments. In 2006 they began a series of sporadic reunion shows that proved their audience remains undiminished in numbers as well as in fervor. Texas Is the Reason perform as part of the second day of the Chicago installment of the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary celebration. —Miles Raymer Texas Is the Reason headlines; Into Another, Sense Field, and Popeye open.

Price: $37.50, $33 in advance, $66 two-day pass

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