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Documentarian and human-rights activist Katharine Kean spent much of the early 90s chronicling Haiti's democracy movement, and this 1997 account of the events surrounding the Aristide election is analytical yet unabashedly critical of the U.S. Kean interviews artists, journalists, monsignors, politicos, businessmen, and Noam Chomsky (who, with others, argues that the U.S. backed the coup d'etat against Aristide), yet she effectively augments the talking heads with protest songs and vivid images of sylvan countryside, squalid alleys, and murals depicting bloody massacres. The most riveting figure is Antoine Izmery, a wealthy merchant who backed Aristide and whose assassination Kean's crew recorded in harrowing detail. At times the film succumbs to rhetoric or paranoia, but for the most part it's a rare and exhaustive look at the poverty-stricken nation.

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