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(Re)Zoned: Tales From the Magical Twilight Member Picks

When: Wednesdays-Saturdays. Continues through March 23 2013

In this sketch show, local magician Justin Purcell plays Henry J. Fate, who lives in his mother's basement and performs experiments on human perception. Fate's sleight-of-hand interludes alternate with reenactments of episodes from Rod Serling's legendary TV show, The Twilight Zone—drained of horror and hyperinflated with slapstick and camp. Where Serling packed social polemic into his dystopian anecdotes, (Re)Zoned's shenanigans carry about as much weight as a you-got-served joke. The satire comes across as lackadaisical, the stories seem gap-toothed, and the cast's hysterics are asinine. One of the rare bright moments arrives in Steve Thomas's version of Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, a 1963 classic in which a passenger on an airplane is driven mad by a gremlin taunting him from the wing. Overall, though, the results are clear: take the pathos and irony out of these tales and all that remains is slack comedy lacking joy or revelation. —Jena Cutie

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