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When: Thu., April 11, 9 p.m. 2013

I’ve been a fan of Mike Milosh (aka half of Rhye) since his 2006 solo album, Meme, whose gentle, heart-wrenching electronic tracks about a tumultuous breakup helped me get through one of my own—Milosh’s gossamer coo is as comforting as a set of fancy bedsheets with a thread count so high you can’t afford them. So when a slinky new R&B act called Rhye debuted last year with the sumptuous single “Open,” it didn’t take me long to figure out whose buttery, wordless murmurs were emerging from its chorus of strings, which floats skyward as if ascending a ballroom staircase—even though the members of Rhye had released not one scrap of information about their identities. I tried not to buy into this manufactured mystery, which lasted till Milosh and Danish producer Robin Hannibal revealed themselves in a November interview for Pitchfork, but I understand its appeal: on Rhye’s recent Woman (Innovative Leisure), tracks such as “The Fall,” “3 Days,” and “Open” communicate impossibly strong romantic feelings while seeming somehow detached from any individual human identity, giving listeners plenty of room to occupy the songs themselves. I can see how learning even the scantest of details about the duo—even the fact that they’re a duo—might disrupt the blank-slate purity of their lovely, sensual music. —Leor Galil

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