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Ringworm, Everything Went Black, Enabler, Reign Inferno Recommended 17+ Early Warnings (Music) Soundboard

When: Tue., May 29, 8 p.m. 2012

If you can read a PR tag line like "The world is fucked and this is the soundtrack to its demise" and not be the least bit curious about the band that claims it, you're just being stubborn. And if you have no interest in hearing what a song called "Fuck Today" sounds like, if only for a second, well, you must live in a climate-controlled pod filled with everything you've ever loved. Milwaukee's Enabler—don't mistake 'em for the Enabler from Saint Paul, Minnesota—never look on the bright side, ever. The relentless hybrid of hardcore punk and metal on the upcoming All Hail the Void (out July 17 on Southern Lord) sounds like a cinder block of nuclear-charged contempt, in the same bulging, hate-filled vein as contemporaries like Trap Them and From Ashes Rise—and with hints of Slayer in its most excellent thrashy moments. Right from the opener, "F.A.T.H.," vocalist and guitarist Jeff Lohrber lets you know how bleak things will get: "I want to see this city burn all the way to the fucking ground." Nice. Throughout All Hail, Lohrber and Greg Thomas show off their guitar superpowers while drummer Andy Hurley plows through double-kick rhythms and pummeling blastbeats with a freakish, almost mechanical tightness. The album's so pissed and vicious that I couldn't even write about it without using three F-words—and believe it or not, I tried to avoid 'em. If this is what the world's demise sounds like, I say turn it up. —Kevin Warwick Ringworm headlines; Everything Went Black, Enabler, and Reign Inferno open.

Price: $10

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