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Rosie (Daisy Eagan) and her sister Violet (Monica Keena) emerge from a violent childhood into womanhood when one gets her period and the other learns to wield a gun. All of this takes place under a perpetually full moon on an army base, where the girls take up residence with a drifter-handyman (Gordon Currie) after stowing away in his truck. Pure compositions and a graceful yet often jarring color scheme are part of a tense atmosphere in which the antsy teenage girls move among a bunch of bored, gun-toting men. But writer-director Mo Ogrodnik is too liberal with the metaphors and too literal about what they represent in this 1996 growing-up-the-hard-way movie. Threatened by sexuality, Rosie likes to kill copulating animals—a habit provocatively revealed in the opening credit sequence that becomes a tired conceit by the movie's end. The performances carry some of the less credible moments, but it's too much to ask that the actors be prisoners of the one-note psychology Ogrodnik has devised to explain their behavior.


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