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"The film has become a severe threat to my freedom, and I'm forced to treat it accordingly," wrote WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in a message to Oscar-winning documentary maker Laura Poitras (Citizenfour) that she reads in voice-over near the end of Risk. The movie chronicles her increasingly tangled six-year professional relationship with Assange, who has been holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy in London since June 2012, fighting extradition to Sweden on rape charges, and now faces the renewed efforts of the U.S. Justice Department to arrest him for espionage. Risk lacks the hurtling momentum of Citizenfour, which records Edward Snowden leaking classified information about U.S. surveillance to her and other journalists in 2013; here there's a sense of Poitras cleaning out her closet. But her closet is full of unguarded remarks from one of the most notorious men on earth, so who cares? Continue reading>>



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