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When: Sat., Oct. 22, 8 p.m. 2011

Best known for the work he's made under the name Evol, Barcelona's Roc Jiménez de Cisneros is an admitted prankster—"Computer Music for Hooligans" is Evol's motto, after all. While much of his earlier work mined abrasive synthetic tones — with harsh synth patches wriggling, pulsing, and throbbing like swarms of flies just fast enough to elude death — his more recent work has ingeniously repositioned familiar sounds into new roles. Last year's Rave Slime 12-inch on his own Alku label takes the dive-bomber synth squiggles of rave music and removes any trace of percussion or steady rhythm, which ends up making the music sound like a dentist's tooth polisher, pulsing unevenly as it spins against one's teeth. The awkwardly titled "ten cans of pressurized tetrafluoroethane over three weeks," a single from 2009, clusters various piercing sounds produced by the air horns beloved by English soccer fans, resulting in two surprising and satisfying chunks of abstract sound—with constantly shifting densities, attacks, and timbre. In his Chicago debut, Roc premieres a new four-channel work called "Tetralemma + Tetrafluoroethane," which mixes electronic sounds and air horns. —Peter Margasak


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