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Frenetic and self-conscious to the point of tedium, this cynical caper by Guy Ritchie follows three sets of London mobsters: an old-school fixer (Tom Wilkinson), a new-money Russian (Karel Roden), and a couple of lower-tier independent contractors (Gerard Butler and Idris Elba). At stake are the rights to develop some pricey real estate, but the game gets murkier when the Russian's leggy accountant (Thandie Newton) decides to run some action of her own. Several double and triple crosses later, a new player emerges—Wilkinson's stepson (Toby Kebbell), a drug-addled rocker with a long list of grudges. For all its hipster posturing, fast cutting, and camera tricks, this tale of chicanery is peculiarly arid and brittle, without a single character worth caring about. With Mark Strong, Jeremy Piven, and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. R, 113 min.

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