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Rule No. 1

This amiable Danish comedy holds one's attention by virtue of its unpredictability, and while its message is upbeat, it doesn't pander. After Caroline undergoes a kidney transplant she becomes estranged from her sister, Sarah. She finally decides to attend a party that Sarah throws, only to discover her own callow husband having sex in a bathroom stall. This frees her to start anew, and under the tutelage of her more outgoing sister she reenters the dating scene with a vengeance. If director Oliver Ussing's message—that dating is not all it's cracked up to be and most men are inconsiderate jerks—is trite, he still does a credible job of creating a quirky cast of characters and depicting Caroline's self-discovery in a way that's relatively free of cliches. In Danish with subtitles. 87 min.


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