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Rush Hour 2

Eager to offend with Asian jokes and black jokes that are also self-subverting (though the same can't be said for the gay jokes), this action comedy transforms LAPD detective Chris Tucker from an intolerably annoying egotist into a practically lovable intolerably annoying egotist. Forced to cut short a vacation to help Hong Kong policeman Jackie Chan catch counterfeiters and terrorists, he never quite gives up on the idea that his mission is to relax and enjoy himself, and his partner's attempts to make him think they're not working when they are set the scenes for some great shtick: a fight in a massage parlor challenges the martial artists mainly to keep their robes from flying open, and the climax, a tour de force of suspense and comic timing, takes place in a Vegas casino. Brett Ratner directed a screenplay by Jeff Nathanson. 89 min.

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