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Framed by giant portraits of themselves naked (private parts are hidden by graffiti describing what they love and hate about their bodies), six Latinas tell stories about their own experiences and those of other Teatro Luna members. The ensemble-created monologues and vignettes cover sexual encounters with men, falling in love with women, trying to get pregnant, having an abortion, and other equally charged subjects. Tanya Saracho sparkles as the only recurring character, a phone sex operator. The show's arc falters toward the end, and sometimes the actors seem isolated from one another. But as directed by Saracho and Coya Paz, who also performs, the sketches are funny, honest, often erotic, surprising, and definitely worth seeing. Through 2/19: Fri-Sat 8 PM, Sun 3 PM, Chicago Dramatists, 1105 W. Chicago, 773-878-5862, $10-$15, $20 Sat 2/11 (includes postshow reception).

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