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Sabine Springer


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German photographer Sabine Springer haunts Dortmund discos like a naturalist collecting specimens of the supernatural. The eight black-and-white C-prints from her "Kokon" (cocoon) series on display here suggest a nightmare montage from an expressionist film. Club kids, never dancing, look like lost souls in transit. Tightly packed in inky darkness, they're studies in disconnectedness; intimacy is invisible. Shooting infrared film, Springer uses an infrared flash that fires outside the range of human vision. Her subjects can see her and her camera but can't see what she sees. Skin is spectral. Eyes stare nowhere. Teeth glint. When you see an open mouth aimed at an ear, you can imagine a vampire caught in the act rather than a vain attempt at conversation over the din of music. Through 7/15: Wed-Sat, noon-6 PM, Lisa Boyle Gallery, 1648 W. Kinzie, 773-655-5475.

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