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When: Sun., Nov. 22, 8 p.m. 2015

What makes the noise rock of local trio Salvation so manic and unstable is that such a great deal of it sounds like it was live recorded by a busted-ass 90s-era cassette recorder getting punished and booted around a dingy practice space littered with cigarette butts. Their recent EP Royal Fucks—which has been up on Bandcamp for a spell—is volatile in part thanks to the throaty vocals of Jason Sipe as he digs deep into Bleach-era Cobain, but also as a result of his slashing guitar bends and gnarls, which often climb up in key like they’re trying to choke the pummeling rhythms into submission. Plus, the best kind of discordant noise rock isn’t without deep-end toxic pools of apathy and cynicism—and Salvation know how to feel like shit. Tracks like “Nothing for Fun” and “Drag” reflect their titles beautifully as the band’s bent towards bleakness cuts into the lyrics like a chainsaw going through a stick of butter. Tonight’s show is the tape release of Royal Fucks, out via local label Cold Slither.

Kevin Warwick

Price: $7

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