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Sanctuary Cafe

Hours: Dinner: Friday
Open Late: Friday till 11.
Closed: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Price: $

CLOSED. Open only one night a week (most Fridays from 7:30 to 11 PM), Sanctuary Cafe, located in Redeemer Church in Park Ridge, serves coffee, tea, and baked goods.

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Located inside the sanctuary of Redeemer Church in Park Ridge, Sanctuary Cafe (whose motto is "caffeinate your spirit") offers your usual mix of coffee, tea, and fresh baked goods along with live music -- mostly Christian acts and singer-songwriters. Suggested donations are $1 for a regular cup and $2 for espresso drinks (they don't charge for anything outright). Pastor Fred Nelson, the driving force behind the coffee shop, isn't interested in proselytizing. "What we wanted to do," he says, "is break down ideas that God space and people space are two separate things. Young people especially have hang-ups about entering a sanctuary. We want to show them that it isn't so bad or so scary or so forbidding, that a church is a place where older people and younger people can have a good time." Since opening last year the cafe's attracted a slow but steady stream of primarily young adults -- by and large nonparishioners with varying degrees of religious belief. Even nonbelievers are welcome, says Nelson: "If you like music and coffee, yeah. We're Christians; we're not ashamed of that. But you won't find any in-your-face attitude." For now Sanctuary's open most Friday nights from 7:30 to 11. If enough people turn out, though, they'll consider expanding their hours.

Kathie Bergquist

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