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When: Sun., July 6, 7:30 p.m. 2014

Metal often has more in common with roots music than with rock; many artists care less about demonstrating individual, idiosyncratic genius and more about staying true to a history and a (diabolic) faith. That’s certainly the case for Sargeist, a Finnish band that’s spent the past 15 years honoring the Scandinavian black-metal tradition with a fervor and fealty that should be familiar to anyone who’s ever been to a blues or bluegrass festival. Sargeist released its latest album, this year’s Feeding the Crawling Shadows (World Terror Committee), with little fanfare, and it delivers its message of blasphemy with the usual no-nonsense shrieks and howling chaos. It could just about be Darkthrone or Emperor under that corpsepaint—a damned soul doesn’t have or need a name of its own, and the cold winds of hell will shred your bones now just as surely as they did back in the 90s. Front man and leader Shatraug is joined, as he has been since 2000, by Hoath Torog and Horns, both of whom play in Behexen, a fellow Finnish band appearing at the same venue the previous evening. Behexen’s music is marginally more swaggery and marginally less ambient than Sargeist’s, but for most purposes indistinguishable. If old-school black metal is your thing, both shows should fulfill your bleakest wintry nightmares. —Noah Berlatsky

Price: $20, $15 in advance

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