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Scale the Summit, Elitist, Centaurus, Burn the Remains All Ages Recommended Soundboard

When: Thu., Feb. 9, 6 p.m. 2012

Scale the Summit got it right when they decided to forgo vocals. Lots of instrumental metal or postrock bands eventually experiment with singing, but I don't even want to imagine this Houston prog outfit with a front man—I just know it'd add nothing but overblown pomp to their already heady songs, like the vocals in old-school Dream Theater and, dare I say it, Coheed & Cambria. Last year's The Collective (Prosthetic) is half metal and half atmospheric prog, full of seven- and eight-string guitar lines and seriously skilled six-string bass moves (though you'll have to deal with some slapping). Of course, you'd better know what you're doing when you start fiddling around with mutant, extra-level Guitar World instruments, and Scale the Summit definitely do. The album's standout cut, "Gallows," starts off with double-kick-drum head-banging heaviness, then morphs into a lovely, epic jam that could soundtrack any one of the scenes from The Neverending Story where Atreyu is riding high on Falcor's back. Who needs vocals when you've got that? —Kevin Warwick Elitist, Centaurus, and Burn the Remains open.

Price: $12, $10 in advance

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