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Scratch Acid, Anatomy of Habit 18+ Early Warnings (Music) Soundboard Recommended

When: Sat., Nov. 12, 9 p.m. 2011

Never prolific, never commercially successful (even by 80s indie standards), and barely heralded at the time, Austin's Scratch Acid are revered today as key progenitors of a distinctly nasty sub­species of pig-fucking postpunk—the band has become the One That Got Away, a long-ago love object whose myth grows in absence. If you took the urban claustrophia away from downtown New York no wave and the Australianness away from the Birthday Party, then added a dry, gritty heat to what was left, you'd have a suggestion of Scratch Acid—but most of all, this was David William Sims and David Yow's first great band. (Do I need to pronounce the words "the Jesus Lizard"?) Formed in 1982 and disbanded in '87, Scratch Acid only produced enough material to fill a single omnibus CD (The Greatest Gift, compiled in 1990 by Touch and Go). In 2006 the band reunited for three shows, including one at the Hideout for Touch and Go's 25th anniversary, where they were aggressive, lewd, abrasive, and completely on fire. Now they're back, spurred by an invite to All Tomorrow's Parties in the UK, and the big news this time is that they're doing a real tour—they've got 18 dates booked and might still add more. Which reminds me of a joke: Hey, did you hear about the flasher who wanted to retire? He decided to stick it out for another year. —Monica Kendrick For more on Scratch Acid, see Artist on Artist.

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