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First-time directors Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski must have written the script for this comedy when they were about 12—and not changed a word. Every aspect of the production is so inept it's hard to believe the same guys wrote Ed Wood, The People vs. Larry Flynt, and Man on the Moon. Norm Macdonald and Dave Chappelle play get-rich-quick schemers who, with the help of obsessive mortician Danny DeVito, try to bilk Elaine Stritch, Macdonald's cruel employer, and elude police detective Daniel Benzali. Everything the characters do or say—with the exception of a DeVito monologue about the interesting things he finds inside corpses—makes you wonder how the filmmakers could possibly have thought it would be funny. DeVito's and Benzali's performances consistently withstand the awful writing, no thanks to the directors, who can't even make Macdonald and Chappelle look stupid. With Sherman Hemsley.

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